I grew up in the wild, tropical forests of southeastern Mexico, where my life was filled with the wonders and beauties found in nature. My window to the rest of the world was similarly filled- the fantastic adventures described in National Geographic and the fuzzy wildlife documentaries I'd come home to watch on the only TV channel we barely received. Ever since then, I have sought ways to share that awe I have for the great things that exist on this planet with my fellow Homo sapiens.

This leads me to what I am now- an explorer (in spirit, at least), a photographer, a biologist and a few other things. Wherever I go, I usually have my camera with me, in hope of capturing what makes this planet special and demonstrating what makes it worth protecting.

What you have found here is my little corner of cyberspace. Welcome to my showcase and my digital playground! I have great plans for the evolution of this space. I hope it serves to educate and inspire. If you have any comments about my work, if you would like to purchase a print or license an image, if you have any trouble with the site, if you have a suggestion for my next project, or if you just want to say hello, please feel free to get in touch and drop me a line.